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Student & Parent Expectations

At Stratford Music, we take your education seriously.
Our tutors take extra time to design your lessons to suit your individual needs.
This means that students also need to put in effort to practise as regularly as they can!

See our page here for a couple of practise tips to get you started.

Younger Students

Younger students (5yrs – 8yrs) need more exposure to their instrument to keep in a routine and to keep the information fresh. Small doses of practise each day is beneficial for younger students, and should be encouraged by parents. At least 10 mins per day is a benchmark.

As students get older and more proficient at their instrument, their daily practice amount should naturally increase. However “Quality” practice is better than just “Quantity” of practice.
Students should have a specific goal in mind when practicing and focus on bettering that one thing.


For your child to get the most out of lessons, it’s crucial to check in once in a while.
Have a chat to your tutor after a lesson to see what needs to be practised, and how everything is progressing. Please read the newsletters and check the website/facebook for events & developments.

Encourage your child to play for you or even show you how to do something on their instrument.
Maintain a schedule for their practise and keep it as part of a routine.
Students need to be remided to practise – even if they enjoy the instrument – there are a lot of distractions that can get in their way.